American Academy

The American Academy programs are open to children ages 11-18.

American Academy

We are an international school in Slovakia where children don’t need to travel to get quality education abroad.

It is convenient for your time and family while being much more affordable. With an American school system, we are inspired by the best educational concepts from around the world: the freedom to choose subjects, individual approach, subjects divided according to competences, emphasis on practical learning, project-based learning and theme weeks. All classes are taught in English and led by a team of teachers from all over the world with the option of taking Slovak language classes.

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Fresh and unique approach

to acquiring knowledge

The American Academy here at the English International School of Bratislava aims to establish and cultivate a learning environment in which students are provided with the tools and empowered to take more control over their learning through our project-based curriculum. Here, students choose the subjects they feel passionate about, engage within an international classroom, and work collaboratively as a single student body during our theme weeks.

Faculty members are educators, mentors, and guides who support students throughout their academic journey. We aim to strike a delicate balance between fostering individual growth and nurturing collaborative skills, equipping students not only for their academic careers but with invaluable life skills.


Deputy Director of American Academy

Preparation for AP exams (Advance Placement courses)

University-level courses which, when successfully completed, can help the students get placed at foreign universities or even gain their first credits.

All students receive an American high school diploma upon graduation which is accepted by universities all around the world.

Foxcroft Academy

American Academy in Bratislava is proud partners with Foxcroft Academy, an outstanding American educational institution in Maine for over 200 years, working together to provide students with exceptional educational opportunities. Our students also have the opportunity to study there for exchange programs.

Middle school

The Middle School program corresponds to grades 6-8 in the Slovak and American educational systems. It offers students a diverse range of subjects on which they can exercise a certain amount of choice so that they can focus more on the areas that really interest them. The subjects are divided into several departments, including but not limited to Mathematics, World Languages, Natural Sciences and Humanities. From each department, students are assigned subjects to pursue the condition being, of course, that students achieve the required number of credits to get ready for High School.

High school

High School students work to develop their strengths and focus on subjects that prepare them to study their dream disciplines at quality universities around the world.

High School has four grades and corresponds to the last four years of the Slovak high school (years 10-13). American Academy students usually leave school a year earlier than is common in the Slovak Republic due to not doing the 9th year of Zakladna skola. Thanks to the composition and quality of the subjects offered, however, they depart high school better prepared for university. We pay maximum attention to counseling and preparation for university studies at this level.

Students graduating from American Academy in Bratislava are automatically accepted to the American colleges and universities listed here.

Amercian Academy 

Theme week


We believe in the “learning-by-doing” principle – projects are made from the idea till the realization.


They face real-life issues and solve them together.


Two times a year.


Students are taught leadership and cooperation in teams.


We believe everyone is a learner, and we are focused on the development of all community members: students, staff, and families. Therefore, we offer learning opportunities for all.