Yutong Finding The Real Meaning of CAS

In a CAS creativity, I connected all the nationalities of students and teachers on a map with our school’s location: Slovakia. I think it is a meaningful CAS experience for me because after finishing the map, I was genuinely shocked about how international it could be for a school. Moreover, I think it makes people feel more associated with each other. 

Another CAS project I think was successful is baking for charity, aside from supporting charities, the process of this CAS project. Because we needed to manage how to bake all the desserts in one day to ensure they are fresh and edible. Which shows the importance of time management. 

This is an official interview I had with out CAS coordinator. In it you can find more about my journey in CAS so far:

  • How did you plan your CAS so far? How did you choose your experiences?

I planned it very well because I have hit all the criterias of CAS and achieved most of my short-term goals. Naturally, I also made a clear and achievable goal for myself initially so I will stay more organized about my CAS experiences. I think my CAS experiences included numerous kinds of activity/creativity/service, meaning that I am experiencing more than one type of thing, which also improved my diversity in thinking. Conclusively, both of my planning and deciding went effectively.

  • Can you explain what CAS Activity means to you and give some examples of good CAS Activity experiences?

After doing actual CAS experiences, I think CAS activity means operating some nonprofit doings, to improve yourself. For example, we are currently practicing a half-marathon with our teacher, even though we have not reached the actual competition yet, however, I could gradually feel a lot of progress in running. As well as going to the gym, since the summer of 2022, I started training in the gym. Besides better maintaining physical strength, but also a better understanding of life management in general. 

  • Can you explain what CAS Creativity means to you and give some examples of good CAS Creativity experiences?

To an extent, I think CAS creativity is similar to CAS activity – – operating a nonprofit activity for improvements or to help others. Nevertheless, CAS creativity is more about your creativity. In another way, CAS creativity is about how you comprehend your work of yours and achieve it in a fascinating way. My favourite CAS activity is participating in an English-speaking community in the library. For each lesson, we will explore a new topic including cultural associated knowledge, astronomy, and psychology. In every lesson, the lecturer will guide us to think about the deeper meaning of the topic, and communicate with participants to express our opinion.

  • Can you explain what CAS Service means to you and give some examples of good CAS Service experiences?

I am highly interested in CAS services because I think the meaning of CAS service is to effectively help society. Moreover, CAS service is urging us to recognize what is happening in the world that needs help, or gives us the chance to help others to spread certain knowledge that should be known by more people. In particular, I had a volunteer job in the city library for 2 months. I was learning about how to help them to arrange bookshelves for people to have a convenient experience in the library. I personally find this CAS service very meaningful because while I am working in the library, I could see people being satisfied. Hence, I am aware that my CAS service has helped people.

  • Can you give an example of a CAS project that you have done so far, and explain what it included? ( which 2 it included: Creativity, Activity, or Service.)

We are currently organizing a graduation prom happening in May. This CAS project includes creativity and service, because we need to decorate the place using our ideas, and to help the students for a pleasant experience during the prom. In the CAS project, we will be working as a team, planning the theme, finding a place, buying drinks/snacks, and decorating the place. Which applies to both creativity and service. 

  • Please show one example of a CAS Learning Outcome that you think you addressed in an experience during your CAS?

I have addressed the engagement with issues of global significance in CAS project present making for senior houses, for the main reason of acknowledging the real situation of vulnerable groups and using your strength to help them. Thus, this CAS experience was very successful in addressing the learning outcome.

  • Please summarise one example of evidence that you have uploaded to Managebac and explain how it addresses one of the CAS Learning Outcomes.

An example of evidence about working in the library is a contract signed with the city library, it explains both learning outcomes which are commitment & preservation and initiative & planning. Because since I signed a contract with the library, meaning I will not give up halfway or disappear without being responsible. In addition, the example of evidence demonstrates initiative & planning in the view that I contacted the library for the volunteer job first and really planned for it due to the staff enrolled with a formal contract.

  • Please summarise one example of a reflection that you have uploaded to Managebac and explain how it addresses one of the CAS Learning Outcomes.

The example of reflection about the English community in the library illustrated the topic “The healing power of gardens’. It explains ethical choices & actions because we are sharing our personal ideas which could be defined as ethical or unethical, in another way, the conversation usually ends up with disagreements.

  • What have you enjoyed most during the CAS?

I did not expect it in the beginning, however, I do enjoy helping and communicating with society. For the reason that the process brings a sense of accomplishment by seeing myself progress. In addition, I enjoyed how I could be really focused when I am trying to do some CAS experiences.

  • What do you think you have learned the most during the CAS?

CAS definitely helped in communicating, since in the first interview I mentioned that my weakness is communication. While doing CAS I have noticed that I will not always be concerned about what I did wrong working or communicating with strangers, which means I am more confident now and can be responsible for myself even if I had any mistake. In addition, because I have initiated many CAS experiences, I feel more prepared when I try to arrange something. It also trained me to be very direct and habitually be planned for everything.


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