Academy (age 11-18)

At EISB, we understand that it is in the teenage years that young people, with the right guidance, and support, can truly become the citizens who take wise action and make a positive difference to our world.

Through our approach and our programmes, young people not only become the best students they can be, they become the best learners they can be also. This distinction is the difference between schooling and educating.

What EISB Academy is about

Developing the Holistic Learner

Teaching Beyond Tests

Concept and Inquiry-based Learning

Developing portfolios to showcase experience beyond grades

IB Qualifications sought after by world class universities

Why EIS Bratislava?


“True happiness is fidelity to a worthy cause.” (Helen Keller)
We value and provide opportunity for our learners to engage in meaningful, constructive challenges that bring real outcomes. Being enabled to take wise action for the benefit of others, the environments and communities we live in and for ourselves is the key to happiness.


Our approach brings opportunities for our young people to develop the attributes of entrepreneurship, coaching and innovation in real terms thus helping them become true leaders in social and environmental change.


All lessons are ultimately about language, what we learn and how we communicate. An EISB IB Diploma means a high level of English competency and many universities waive the need for English proficiency tests.

University Preparedness

Being a holistic learner and an IB MYP and Diploma graduate brings the best out in young people, preparing them for success in life, university and career.

Life skills

Development-centred approach maximizes our young people’s opportunities for success both now and in the unknown future.


EISB bases its reputation on earning prestige by nurturing young people who take wise action — from earning good grades to bringing positive change to our world now and in the future.


EISB is a small, safe, caring school where all staff coach and nurture our children. EISB teachers are not merely teachers but all work together as mentors and coaches of our learners.

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