Early Years program

Pre School  – Ages 3-4  Early Childhood development.

EISB Pre-School focuses on school readiness of children developing physical, social, cognitive and language skills in an international English-speaking environment.

Primary (Years 1-6)

EISB Primary is a 6-year academic and holistic program with the goal of developing Independent Learners.

Taking the benefits of the Information Age, the Classical content-based approach of memorizing facts has evolved to our skills-based approach of applying knowledge through projects to accomplish goals enabling students to do amazing things.

Over the course of the Primary program, students develop a deeper understanding of information demonstrated by a grasp of EISB’s four pillars of Modern Education

The Primary has 2 distinct parts:

Early Primary –  (Year 1- Year 3) is focused on building strong foundations of learning

Upper Primary –  (Year 4-6) is focus on the development of Independent Learners.

Academy – (Years 7-13, 14)

The EISB Academy provides a 8-year academic and holistic program based on the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP). The IB offers one of the most competitive diplomas worldwide, preparing learners to be happy and successful in a modern world that is currently unknown, undefined and ever-changing.

With input from universities, business leaders and educators, EISB is dedicated to continually providing productive and effective education for this modern age by developing the attributes of accomplished learners.

Our academy teaches and coaches beyond tests, providing learners with opportunities to build portfolios of work in order to show future universities or employers tangible evidence of their potential.  This alone offers EISB graduates a competitive advantage.

SEN – EISB’s program for students with special educational needs is developed to take a SMART approach of the schools Modern educational learning goals, allowing for both integration and individual learning with the goal of raising the potential for independency and skill development.

Currently, the program relies solely on special assistance.  Typically, this assistance will be external from school staff and costs involved will be the responsibility of the parent.  If it is determined, even with assistance, that EISB is not equipped to support the child’s development or that there is risk to other students, EISB will meet with the parents to make alternative arrangements.

Extra- Curricular

Electives –  New this year, both the Primary and Academy will complete official lessons at the end of the 6th lesson (14.30/14.10 respectively), allowing students to participate in other activities outside of school.   Those who choose to stay will be offered Electives, a list of available lessons offered throughout the week that students can choose.  These lessons will be included in official reports.

Clubs – EISB’s Clubs program offers extra-curricular courses for students to develop skills in specified areas.  The range of clubs is limited only to interest as students and parents are encouraged to share their educational preferences.  Clubs are provided by school staff, external organizations/individuals and EISB parents.  Over 30 clubs are offered annually including: sports, music, robotics, science, languages, coding, arts, floral design, culture, history, maths, fitness, etc.  Clubs can be for groups or individuals based on request.

Registration for Clubs can be done directly on Edupage at the beginning of each semester.

Masterclasses – Clubs/seminars for Adults.  The classes offered based on the requests that come from the community.  If there is a masterclass you’d be interested in but not yet offered, simply share your request with the school.


EISB’s Parents Association and PTA are for all community members focused on the continual development of the overall EISB experience not only for students, but also provide support for the whole family.  The school encourages family involvement in ways that benefit the entire families’ experience as a member of EISB.  PTA can be contacted at:

Culture Weeks

Culture Weeks is a wonderful program for the whole EISB community which allows each culture an entire week to promote, share, and celebrate various aspects of their culture. How each culture uses a week is up to them. There is no set program.  Past activities included: presentations at assemblies, lesson plans, crafts, cooking classes, ethnic food, holiday celebrations, dress-up days for students, traditional dances, school lunches, Musical presentations etc.  It is common to involve embassies, culture houses, community groups, restaurants and stores regardless of their affiliation with EISB.

Living Support

As part of the EISB community, it is important that all of our foreign teachers, staff, students and families are able to spend time and energy on the reasons they are here, rather than how to function and live in a foreign country.  Therefore, through the community, we provide services and support in terms of Expat coaches and relocation specialists, community organizers, translation, visa support, etc.