Class Tutor

– Morning registration
– Daily messages/notices
– Student diary checks
– First contact with parents
– Report comments
– Outings/events/trips

School Psychologist

– Mental and psychological support
– SEN support

What is the role of a Tutor?

The role of the tutor is a core role in the Middle School. It is critical and vital in assisting the teenage students making their way through the Middle Years and achieving their full potential.

Tutor Groups

– Morning registration
– Assembly Fridays period 5
– Tutorials/Tutor group meetings once a week

Service as Action

Tutors work collaboratively with the Service as Action Coordinator. It is the responsibility of the tutors to be checking that students are fulfilling their service requirements. If they are not these concerns are brought up at tutor group meetings.Grade 7-11 tutors also support students in finding service opportunities and monitoring successful outcomes.


– Once a week period 5
– They address the needs of teenage students – student led presentations, guest speakers on various topics and issues, physical, emotional and social wellbeing